Two Mothers

Birth mother
adoptive mother
both labels
used by the world

But in the bmom's heart,
in the amom's heart,
the name is the same
they are both mother

One gave birth to you
The other will raise you
They both give you
their deep, unconditional love

In both their hearts,
you have a special place
In both their lives,
you are their everything

Both forever linked by you
and their love for you
one shed tears waiting for you
and the other sheds tears
while you grow up away from them

One had a hole in their heart
that was filled by you
The other has a hole in their heart
Now that you're gone
being raised by your other mother

One mother's sacrifice is
another mother's joy
One mother rejoices
while the other sorrows

Both mothers rejoice
in you and your life.
Both mothers share
a mothers love for you
and always will.

Written by Anne
March 15, 2006