The Other Mother

When you roll over,
sit up, take your first steps…
I won't be there,
But I'll be cheering you on
through my thoughts and my prayers.

Every year when you have a birthday,
I won't be there,
but I'll be thinking of you,
wondering what you're growing up to be.

You will be gone from my sight
with your mother and father,
but never forgotten
or gone from my heart.

Whenever you're nervous and afraid,
facing hard times and decisions.
Just remember I'm there with you in spirit
always cheering you on.

When your mom tells you
she loves you, remember
there's another mother out there
that loves you too.

When you feel alone,
remember that I'm there for you in spirit
and I pray for you always.
But most of all remember,
that God is always there for you too.

Written by Anne

(from March 7, 2006 also)