The Little Things are the Best!

From Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Little Things are the Best!

I'm just having one of my happy, warm, fuzzy moments so thought I'd share :). I just got two nice little e-mails from each of my girls moms today telling me how happy and excited they are for me since I'm getting my Associates degree on Friday – YAY me!!! This long awaited day has finally arrived – I can hardly believe it's really happening now.

Anyway, my 18 mo old's mom just wanted to tell me congrats and that she's thinking of me. The warm, fuzzy besides that for me from her was that my 18 mo old's mom said in her e-mail to please make sure to take pics and send some to them so they can "see" me walking across the stage and getting my degree. That just touched me and gave me warm fuzzies. Such a simple thing, but so special to me too, ya know.

Just like the e-mail from my 3 yr old's mom where she asked me about how plans where going for my graduation and if I was excited or not and shared how excited for me she was. She also wants to hear about it and see pics, of course :). It's just these little things that mean everything and make up the best part of my relationship/friendships with my girls families, ya know =).

It's really the little things in life that mean a lot and that count a lot more than the big ones sometimes, ya know.