Standing Ovation for Little Ol’ Me

From Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yep, I got a round of applause/standing ovation because I'm a birthmother. When I did the adoption presentations at that high school the other day, I got an applause/standing ovation because all the kids in the high school class thought I was awesome for being a birthmom and for what I did for my girls :).

I never thought I'd get a standing ovation from seniors in high school because I shared my story of placing my two girls for adoption, but here I am saying that. I've had it happen 2 or 3 times at these presentations now and it always surprises me and catches me off guard when it happens.

I wrote that down elsewhere, but I thought I should write it down here too while I'm thinking about it because it was a good, positive experience for me. I thought it was cool that this high school class gave me a round of applause/standing ovation after I shared with them my story of placing both my girls for adoption.

It just gave me hope that there are people out there who respect and appreciate birthmothers and what we do for our children. That there are people out there that do get it on some level and there still is hope for dispelling the myths about birthparents and adoption in our society. At least to me when I get that kind of reaction from a high school class and when I get those cool comments from those high school kids after the presentations, it gives me hope that these myths can still be dispelled and that I am making a difference doing these presentations in the world.

Even though it may only be a small difference in the big scheme of things, to some, it may be a huge difference and to me it was a big deal for that high school class to acknowledge me like they did the other day :). So, when things like that happen with my presentations at high schools, they don't happen very often, but when they do, I feel like I really am making a difference, probably more than I think I am. I also feel like I make one small step or leap for birthparent kind when I do these presentations and have someone make a cool comment or give me applause/standing ovation.

So, it may not be a huge difference, but it's something and I'm working on other things to keep doing what I can to make a difference with adoption and being a birthparent etc.

On a side note, when I was talking to my Dad about the applause from the high school class and stuff the other day, he asked me if I was keeping track of how many adoption presentations I'd done at high schools. I haven't been keeping real close track, but I thought about it and looked back over my journal etc. to get some kind of an idea of a number of adoption presentations because I was curious to know how many I've done.

So, I came up with that I've done about 23 adoption presentations at high schools so far and I have 3 more on this coming Friday to do, then I also have 2 on Monday and 2 on Tuesday next week. So, adding the 23 that are done with the 7 I'll be doing this week and next week – a week from now I'll have done about 30 of these presentations.

Can you believe I've done these adoption presentations about 30 times (well almost)?? I've been to 4 or 5 different high schools when I've done these 23-30 presentations in my area. I've turned down doing a few presentations too, but I haven't turned down as many as I've done so far.

I never imagined that I'd be like "touring" high schools in my local area sharing my story of placing my two girls for adoption to help educate people about adoptions, their rights and things from a birthparent's perspective. Doing this has done wonders for me and my public speaking skills though. It's also helped me a ton with healing and my grief process to share about my experience with having placed my girls for adoption. It's also helped boost my confidence, self-esteem and a lot of other things – it's been a really good thing for me.

What's great about doing these adoption presentations is that not only does it help me so much, it helps many others to learn and be educated about things to do with adoption and all. I see doing these presentations and having these experiences as a win win situation for everyone involved. Well, so far it's been that way for me with the adoption presentations I've done anyway.

Anyway, on another note, I sent in my order for my cap and gown for graduation ceremony and getting my associates degree on April 28!!! So, I have to make sure I pass my classes now. I know I'm doing okay and can pass my Biology class, but my Math class is being a little more challenging for me lately so I've been trying to work harder on my math and figure things out. I'm going to talk to my math teacher to see if I can make up any low scores or do extra credit so I can make sure to do everything in my power to get a good passing grade out of this math class.

I want my Associates Degree!!! I also want to move out and go to the University so I've got to push myself as hard as I can for this last month of school and do extra credit and everything possible to pass these classes with a good grade so I can get my Associates.

Failure is NOT an option here!!! I don't want to have to re-take a math or science class during the summer. I have to pass and get the heck out of that school with my Associates now.

So, this next month of April is gonna be the make or break me stressor time so just be forewarned lol. If I get snippy from now until the end of April, you'll know it's because I'm freakin out and stressin over school, passing classes and getting my degree :op.