Sorrow at Others Pain

From Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I was just reading through some blogs tonight. Ya know, I was just browsing and reading and there were some things I read from people I know that caused me sorrow.

Just reading about people I know and admire being hurt by others and their thoughtless words hurts me as well. I know I have been hurt by others including those in my own family with hurtful words, but my heart aches reading of these others and their sorrow at being hurt so.

I remember growing up and always hearing and using that saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" and I wonder now who came up with that stupid saying anyway. There are many times I would rather have had a broken bone than the heartache and sorrow caused by another's thoughtless, hurtful words to me.

I hope that I haven't hurt anyone like I have been hurt though I know that I probably have contributed at some time or another to these hurtful words that are said to others. I try not to let my anger get the best of me or let myself lash out at others with hurtful words.

I apologize to anyone who knows me and/or reads this blog if I've ever offended or said anything that has hurt them in any way. I know I'm not perfect and I sometimes lash out and say things that are unnecessary and hurtful so I try not to and I try to do my best to be more Christlike to others.

Somedays are better than others and sometimes I do better at being Christlike and non judgmental to others, but unfortunately I am a human so I still have my bad days with being less than Christlike to others at times. I can only hope to continue to work on improving myself and being more Christlike because the last thing I really want to do is add to all the hurt, pain and sorrow that is already in abundance in this world without my adding to it.