So, Here I am…

From March 6, 2006

Here we go, starting my blog. I never thought I'd have a blog or join the world of bloggers, but here I am.

Where to start, I'm Anne. I'm 28 years old. I'm attending college and currently majoring in Psychology. I'll be getting my Associates degree this April…finally. I know it's amazing. It took me a long time to get here, but I'm finally here getting my Associates degree – YAY me!!!

This fall I'll be transferring to a University and switching my major to Social Work so I'm really psyched for that. I'm studying to be a counselor because of my life experiences that have lead me to want to help others go through the things I've gone through.

I am LDS (mormon) and I served a mission to Uruguay, Montevideo. After returning home from my mission, I had a hard time with life. I got married and divorced within a year, it was an abusive marriage so I want to help others that are affected by domestic violence as well. I am also a Birthmother and adoption is very much a big part in my life so I also want to help others with adoption issues from my experience as a birthmother. I hope to maybe have a job someday with LDS Family Services also.

I love to have fun and live my life. So, I hope you all enjoy my blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading.