Overwhelming Emotions

From Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Holding the pen in my hand,
thinking of my daughter…
Signing my name to her birthday card,
it washes over me.

This overwhelming emotion,
strong, deep, amazing
and unconditional love,
a realization of how strong my love is.

I feel raw and bare
in this moment of realization
as I sit looking at this card
for her third birthday this year.

She's been growing up,
living her life,
away from me with her parents and
still this love for her consumes me.

This raw, emotional ache,
this need and want
to hold her in my arms
close to me and my heart.

To look her in the eyes
to tell her I love her
and want her to feel my love
with the intensity I feel my love for her.

I see myself
in my minds eye
crying out
wanting someone to hear,

someone to hear me
and really understand
how much I love her
and ache for her.

I want to curl up
and hide till the pain goes away
that comes every year
with this birthday time each year.

At the same time,
I want to scream and say
I love her so much it hurts
do you hear me?

Does anyone else feel this way?
does anyone hear me
and understand why I feel this way
that I love her so much,

That my soul cries out
wanting to hold her
when I miss her so
each year on her birthday.

Do you hear me?
do you understand
have you felt this
unbearable ache before?

Written by Anne
March 6, 2006