My Mind Went Blank Grr

I've been thinking about all kinds of things lately and wanting to write some things down here, but I hadn't been able to log in to write for a couple days. And of course, now that I can log in and write here, my mind's gone blank, grr.

I hate when that happens. Ah, well, that's life. I've been busy with school lately. It's the last week of classes for this semester right now and my last day of classes is tomorrow and then I have finals next week so I finished a paper for one of my classes today and after tomorrow I'll be frying my brain studying for finals next week. So, maybe my mind went blank because I've been stressing and frying my brain with school lately, who knows.

Anyway, I've been emotional just like the last few days to a week now because of that fun time of month that messes with your emotions once a month :p. Then yesterday I got an e-mail in response to an e-mail I sent to my 1 yr old's amom wishing them a Happy Easter and my 1 yr old's amom is asking me about our writing schedule again. She's thinking that for her right now it would be better if she could write to me once every other month or something. Well, how she said it is that she would like to start a letter to me every 2 weeks to once a month and then just take her time writing the letter to me so I wouldn't necessarily always get a letter once a month, but it would make it so she didn't feel that she had to feverishly hurry and write and get a letter to me so it would make things easier on her.

So, she's just asking me what I think about some things with our writing and all. Well and I don't have a problem with her talking to me about these things. It's good that we have this kind of relationship where we can be open with each other and discuss things as they come up. So, she's just wanting to feel out some things with our relationship because things change and so our writing and all is continually changing and varying as it will continue to do so throughout the years.

Anyway, I'm just thinking about my thoughts in response to the thoughts my 1 yr old's amom shared with me. I have a bunch of thoughts about our writing and all in response to her thoughts so I'm trying to sort through them all and figure out how to word and write my thoughts to her. I kind of wish her e-mail about our writing and such had come at a different time though because I'm kind of stressed with school right now – I mean her e-mail about our writing etc. didn't exactly come at a good time for me, but then again when does anything come at a convenient or good time.

Okay, so now I'm rambling here trying to write down and sort through my thoughts :p. Well and I got sidetracked sitting here typing because this spider came out from underneath some furniture and started crawling across the floor toward me so that totally freaked me out. I totally despise and am disgusted by spiders – icky! So, I grabbed one of my textbooks and smashed the spider on the floor by the space heater so now there's a crisp little spider dead on the floor a few feet away from me – ick, ick, ick – did I mention I hate spiders!!!

So, that's what's going on with me lately. Just the usual things of the life of a single girl that's in college dealing with finals etc. and also a birthmom dealing with the emotions and aspects of adoption and having two girls I placed.