Just Wanted to Share =)

From Saturday, March 18, 2006

This happened earlier this week – just transferring what I wrote from one place to here now.

I'm just so hyper happy right now, I have to share with someone and everyone's in bed here except me so I'm sharing here.

I just wanted to share that I just got a cool surprise little e-mail from my 1 yr old's amom(adoptive mom) tonight that made my day/night . She wrote to me to let me know how much she loves me and our great relationship/friendship. She also told me how much she loves to hear and know about me and my life and that she can't ever imagine her life without me in it like she can't ever imagine not being friends and continuing our great relationship/friendship. How sweet and special is that, that she'd tell me that. It made my day – one of the greatest things she's said to me to go down in my special memory book .

Also her telling me how much she loves to hear about me and loves to hear from me whenever I write to her answered the question that's been in discussion between us about how often to write to each other. We were talking about spacing our letters out to like once a month or so, but after we tried it, we asked each other how we felt about it and we both missed each other and hearing from each other so I asked her what she thought about time frame with letters and she hadn't answered until she sent this e-mail tonight . So, it's great to know we're totally on the same page with our feelings, what we want from each other and everything. I love my 1 yr old's amom, she is so awesome .

I'm just feeling doubly blessed right now because I just got an e-mail from my 3 yr olds amom last night since it was my 3 yr olds birthday and then this awesome surprise little e-mail from my 1 yr olds amom tonight. I feel so lucky to have such great relationships/friendships with my girls afamilies.Things with my 3 yr olds amom are also getting better as in opening up more emotionally like I've been wanting it to and working on. My 3 yr olds amom validated me and told me some things in the e-mail yesterday that I've been hoping to hear from her for a while now and it was great to hear them. She told me how much she loves and appreciates me and how grateful she is that I placed my 3 yr old with them – it was just some great things that I needed to hear from her. So, she's becoming a little more open and comfortable with me emotionally and such in her e-mails lately so after time, being patient and working on trying to have my relationship/friendship with my 3 yr olds amom be more open emotionally and more comfortable between us, it's finally starting to pay off and she's starting to come around. So, time, patience and hard work really does pay off with improving relationships and everything in life basically .

So, I feel incredibly blessed to have such good relationships and friendships with each of my girls aparents (adoptive parents) and to be on the same page more or less with each of them . I had a lot more to say than I thought I did.