Irrational People

Man, some people really don't know how to deal with certain things. Instead of acting in a mature and rational way, they act irrational and make themselves appear to be like spoiled children throwing temper tantrums because they're not getting their way.

I understand why people get upset and everything at times, but I don't understand irrational behaviors to prove they're right and the rest of us are wrong. Man, sometimes I really wish I could take a break from this wacked out world we live in and all these people who sometimes act irrationally about certain things.

This past week or so has been one of those for me when I've really wished I could take a vacation from a lot of things and well, life in general. Oh, well, that's life for ya. You live, you learn, you deal with things or you don't and you move forward with your life.

It's not gonna do me any good to dwell on the crap that goes on in life. There's a lot more to life than the negative crap that goes on in the world, thank heavens.


4 comments on “Irrational People

  1. “You can’t be rational to irrational people”. It’s a waste of time and it will frustrate the daylights out of you.

  2. Well, I just had my vent and let it go, but my situation was easier to deal with since it wasn’t family doing the annoying behavior.

    I have had some hard times with family members though and had to try different ways to deal with it. I’ve had to count to 10, take a deep breath – the old breathing technique, go for a walk, go for a drive, those kinds of things.

    Most of the time when I’ve been faced with annoying behavior with family, I’ve just had to separate myself from them and the situation for a few minutes. I usually have to take a break, collect my thoughts and then go back into the conversation or situation with a clearer head.

    Sometimes I just have to ignore it and walk away though even when it is family, which I know isn’t easy to do, but sometimes it’s the only thing that’s worked for me.

  3. Amazingly, I wrote a blog about the same thing. Tell me, how did you deal with it? I personally am tired of trying to figure it out. Considering the behavior is coming from a family member, my options are limited. I don’t want to dwell either, but it can be infuriating.

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