Happy April Fools Day!!!

From Saturday, April 01, 2006

So, how's everyones Saturday/April Fools Day been? Have you pulled any good jokes on anyone? Fooled anyone into thinking something unbelievable lol?

I thought about posting on here that I'd met this great guy and everything to see how many people would believe it, but I just couldn't get into fooling people into thinking that when I'm not really in the place in my life where I want to be with any guy in a serious relationship. My time will come and all, but it's not right now so my heart wasn't in the idea of fooling anyone into thinking I'm dating someone seriously today lol.

I crashed last night and fell asleep on the couch before I went into bed so I didn't think until I got up today about dying the milk or switching the sugar and salt etc. like I've done in the past. So, there were no big jokes played around here today – none of us have ever really said or thought anything about the fact that it's April Fools Day today. It just feels like another day, another Saturday to me today.

My mom was annoying me earlier today, which that's nothing new, but it's been a while since she irritated me like this. Let me tell ya, I haven't messed being annoyed and having my buttons pushed by her. Man, her being annoying to me today, just reminded me why I can't wait to move the heck out of this house and away from her. I don't like being at home with her when my Dad's gone, which he's gone right now and so of course, when it's just me and her alone together in the house she takes the opportunity to gang up on me every time my Dad isn't around to help defend me or help me explain life to her – ARGH!

Then after she picks on me, she acts like everything's fine and she didn't do anything wrong and wants to be buddy buddy 5 seconds later and I'm like no way man. I don't want to hang out with her when she's being a brat to me. She just came down here where I'm sitting here typing downstairs to tell me she's going to watch some chic flick movie if I want to watch it with her and I was like no thanks, I already watched that movie recently. I mean why the heck would I want to go up there to watch a movie with her and give her more opportunity to pick on and harrass me while my Dad's still gone.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to do now. I haven't found anything good on T.V. and I don't know if I want to watch any movie or not. I could and probably should work on math homework again, but I don't want to, but I probably should anyway so maybe I'll do math or something else. We'll see, have to decide what I want to do now.

The freaky movie, "The Ring" is on T.V. right now too, but I don't wanna watch it. The last time I saw that movie I totally freaked out and it took me months afterwards to get over it so no way am I going to watch that movie again now.