Hail, The Conquering Graduate!

From Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hail, The Conquering Graduate!

Here I am, the conquering graduate – I did it!!! I conquered and graduated with my Associates in Behavioral Science after a long time and perserving through life and all its curves etc. until I got my degree.

So, I feel like the conquering graduate now. Well, I'm not trying to be egotistical or anything, but I am proud of myself for having achieved this goal of mine now. For a long time now, I wondered if I would ever achieve this goal and get my Associates and now I have so that just proves that you can achieve your goals and anything you set your mind to.

I almost feel like the fact that I have my Associates is a dream, but I keep looking at my 'fake diploma' until the real one comes in the mail and my tassel and my name in the graduation program. So, I see and know that it's real and I wasn't dreaming – I really did achieve my AS degree.

This sense of accomplishment is one I've never felt before and so much more then the sense of accomplishment I had when I graduated from high school. It has so much more meaning to me to have this because I did it and I paid for it and I wanted it not like high school where my parents paid for my schooling and I felt like part of why I had to graduate from high school was for my parents, if that makes sense. College and high school are just so different.

Feeling how great it feels to have this goal achieved makes me want to achieve my next goal and get my Bachelors degree even more now. I thought that maybe after I had my Associates I might not be as excited about continuing with pursuing a Bachelors, Masters and possibly a PhD/Docorate degree in the future, but I am more excited. I didn't think it was possible for me to be more pumped and excited and driven to want to pursue these higher college degrees, but I am.

I keep thinking to myself, hey, if it was this great to feel this way with this sense of accomplishment and all from receiving my Associates then just think how much better that sense of accomplishment and all will be when I get my Bachelors and then Masters. Ooo, man, I can't wait to achieve my goal of Masters and experience that feeling of accomplishment and I can only imagine how great I'll feel once I achieve this future goals with my furthering of my education. I think I'll be even more amazed with each degree I receive until I get my Doctorate one day.

Thinking of myself as Dr. Anne, I feel all happy and excited at that prospect and having that to show for myself and achieving my goals with my education in the future. It was just so awesome when I walked across the stage to get my 'degree' and walked down the aisle with that music playing because I remember 10 plus years ago watching my brother walk down an aisle with that music and receive his 'degree' and thinking to myself one day, I want to do that. Thinking to myself, one day I'm going to do that and it's going to be me not my brother walking across the stage receiving my 'degree' and walking down that aisle with the music and graduating with a college degree and on Friday, I did that – I was that Graduate and not my brother and my brother came and watched me this time =). That was sooo awesome – I can't even begin to express in words what it feels like to be a college graduate with an Associates after this long time working toward achieving that goal.

It's a wonderful and amazing feeling that I can't wait to have again and again when I get my Bachelors, Masters and one day, Doctorate degree. I like the idea of being in school for another 6 years or so because of the great and awesome feeling of accomplishment etc. that will come from it when I finally achieve that highest degree of Doctorate one day.