Bird Flu

From Friday, March 24, 2006

So, I suppose others have heard about this bird flu deal. The whole thing with the fact that if the bird flu mutates so it can pass from person to person we'll all have to be quarantined. I mean it's just a 50/50 chance that the bird flu will mutate, but it still not a happy thought to have. I would so hate that if we all had to be quarantined because the bird flu mutated.

I mean what would that do to the economy and everything. Plus I want to go to school, get a job and live my life and that would be kind of hard to do while I was quarantined, if we did get quarantined. Of course, this is all hypothetical and there's no for sure one way or the other as to whether or not this bird flu will mutate and cause the population to be quarantined, but it's still unnerving to think about the possibility, ya know.

Anyway, that's my vent and thoughts on this whole bird flu deal for now. I didn't really realize what was going on with the bird flu and that there was a chance that it could mutate and that it could get that bad that we'd all have to be quarantined for who knows how long. I mean how many more weird diseases are going to appear and mutate and cause problems?

Speaking of bird flu, diseases and sicknesses, at my volunteer job tonight working with the troubled kids/youth, I was helping take care of the little kids that are 2-4 yrs old. Oh boy let me tell ya that was soo much fun – NOT. There was this one little girl that was screaming the whole time for her mom and we couldn't get her to be quiet no matter what. Then this little girl started coughing cause she was crying so hard and everything so she ended up throwing up/spitting up and it was nasty man :op. I'm hoping that this little girl was only throwing up and all because of crying so hard and that she wasn't sick because I don't want to get sick.

Oh and the head volunteer coordinator is a lady that works with the local police department down there where we volunteer and she told us that she needs help with all her paperwork and everything so she's offering us a chance at an internship if we want. It would be a volunteer internship, but it would be with a police department and would be good experience and look good on a resume so it's something for me to think about. She said she was going to e-mail us with more information on this possible internship so we'll see if she does or if I decide to do anything with this internship or not.

I'd like a paying job and I really need a paying job sometime soon so I'm not sure if I want to do a volunteer internship right now. Anyway, oh yeah and it's fun taxes time now. My taxes are done now and so now I'll be paying all my taxes. Hopefully I'll have some extra money after I pay my taxes to use for schooling and I need to send stuff from my taxes to the University for my financial aid application – I really hope I can get a loan to go to school. So, that's what's up with me lately :o).